HT07 car on track in FSAE 2023

HT07 on the track at Formula SAE 2023

Engineering Summary

In the 2022-2023 season, HyTech Racing embarked on an exciting journey, transitioning to an all-wheel drive car that demanded significant changes to the vehicle architecture. Driven by our sophisticated vehicle simulation and an iterative approach, the team executed the design with utmost ambition and efficiency, pushing the boundaries of each critical requirement.

HT07 has a plethora of design improvements over its predecessors. The heart of our innovation lies in the new hub motor architecture, where a custom gearbox, crafted using cutting-edge simulation software, has yielded significant improvements to our acceleration performance.

One of our standout achievements was the seamless integration of the quad inverters and motors with the energy-dense accumulator, thanks to our novel cooling system. Moreover, through advanced composite structural simulation techniques, we successfully developed an aero package that is lighter, stiffer, and stronger.

The pursuit of performance extended beyond the vehicle's mechanics to optimize the driver's experience. An exhaustive ergonomic study and experimentally driven design iterations led us to provide our drivers with a seating and steering position that offers unmatched comfort while ensuring they are positioned at a low center of gravity for optimal performance.

The redesigned suspension system proved to be a game-changer, significantly enhancing the car's balance and maneuverability, enabling our drivers to confidently push the vehicle close to its theoretical limits. Tuning HT07 was a rigorous process, involving hundreds of hours of on-track testing. This allowed us to validate the structural components, fine-tune the suspension setup, test our new torque vectoring software, and validate the onboard cooling systems. With features like adjustable roll centers, configurable aero elements, and software control of powertrain parameters, our vehicle offers unparalleled on-track adaptability for achieving perfect balance and handling.


HT07 was our fastest car by a long shot! It broke the North American acceleration record, came 1st in skid pad, 2nd in Autocross, and made it to the design finals for consecutive years. Despite not being able to compete in endurance (due to a damaged pedal sensor) the team still managed to place 10th overall in the 2023 FSAE Michigan Electric competition.

HT07 Vehicle Details

Vehicle Mass
  • 430 lb / 195 kg (measured)
Vehicle Dimensions
  • Wheelbase: 1535 mm
  • Track Width: 1200 mm
Performance Envelope
  • Longitudinal: 1.0g (measured)
  • Lateral: 1.8g (measured)
  • Quad-push rod double wishbone
  • 4x AMK A2370DD Motors, KW26-S5-FSE-4Q Inverter
  • 20,000 RPM, 21 Nm, 33 kW Peak
  • 76 mph top speed (simulated)
  • 530 V, 6.3 kWh, 80 kW Peak
  • Custom LCO Pouch Cells
Aero Elements
  • Compound Curvature Carbon Fiber
  • 3.19 - 3.71 CI*A (simulated)
  • 0.97 - 1.23 Cd*A (simulated)
Sensor Suite
  • 20 Custom Analog Sensors, 7 SPI Signals, 28 Inverter Monitored Signals
Battery Monitoring
  • Custom LTC 6811 BMS with 126 Cell Voltages, 72 Temperatures
  • 11.86:1 Reduction