HyTech Racing at FSAE Electric 2018

HT03B on the track at Formula Hybrid 2018

In 2018, HyTech competed in both the Formula Hybrid and Formula SAE Electric competitions. Our team won first place at Formula Hybrid, placing first in the Design, Project Management, and Endurance events. We won sixth place at FSAE Electric, placing second in the Cost and Efficiency categories.

HT03B Vehicle Details

  • Weight: 413 lb (187 kg) measured at Formula Hybrid
  • Steel tube space frame
  • Double unequal length wishbone
  • Ohlins TTX25 dampers
  • Chain sprocket reduction
  • Clutch type limited slip differential
Electric Drive
  • Motor: Emrax 207 Medium Voltage
  • Inverter: Reinhart PM100DX
  • Battery: 72S1P LiCoO2 pack with 5.8 kWh energy capacity
  • Peak output: 80 kW
  • Peak torque: 160 Nm
Electrical Controls
  • BMS: Custom 5-board system utilizing Analog Devices LTC6804 chips
  • Low voltage control boards: Power distribution unit and dashboard/torque controller unit
  • Telemetry: Live wireless data visualization utilizing XBee modems


HyTech Racing at Formula Hybrid 2017

In 2017, HyTech completely redesigned the mechanical and electrical systems on a new chassis, bringing the vehicle weight to under 380 pounds. We are proud to have taken first place in the design event at Formula Hybrid 2017.


HyTech Racing at FSAE Electric 2016

HyTech Racing at Formula Hybrid 2016

This year HyTech designed and built our vehicle to compete in both Formula Hybrid and Formula SAE Electric competitions.

Chassis Details

  • Completely new team-designed frame
  • Torsional stiffness FEA: 2550 ft.lb/deg
  • MDF jig designed for efficient and accurate chassis welding

Driveline Details

  • Motor output (front) sprocket and rear sprocket designed and machined in-house
  • Front sprocket machined out of Aluminum 2024 to reduce weight (versus Steel) while maintaining a factor of safety >1
  • Hard mounted differential carriers machined out of Aluminum 6061; sticking to a robust and tested design
  • Motor mount manufactured from Steel 4041- reduces stress points, holds up to the maximum torque
  • Powered by the Enstroj Emrax 207 which is lighter than the other options in the market, yet powerful enough to handle the load of the car

Mechanical Controls Details

  • Steering
    • Custom 6061-T6 rack housing allows for low friction rack translation
    • 32x force magnification from steering wheel to steering rack
    • ~5° steering free play
    • 32° of steering
  • Brakes
    • Adjustable pedal position for better ergonomics
    • Manufactured with aluminum for decreased weight

Suspension Details

  • Short 65" wheelbase for lower polar moment of inertia
  • 52" track width reduces lateral weight transfer and increases lateral force produced by the tires when cornering
  • Steering rods aligned to have just 0.1° of steer for two inches of wheel displacement
  • Uprights and hubs CNC machined in-house.
  • Hubs designed to be interchangeable between left and right corners
  • Camber adjustable from 0° to -5.0° by use of threaded washers at the upper A arm point
  • Suspension designed to keep outside wheels at a 0° of camber under the maximum allowable body roll of 2° when cornering

Electrical Controls Details

  • Modular system of boards allows for easier development and replacement of controls system components
  • Electrical boards designed using EAGLE CAD, then manufactured on campus by team members using printed circuit board milling
  • Arduino software developed by team members and shared publicly as open source
  • Aluminum battery enclosure and front controls enclosure created using water-jet and in-house welding
  • Arduinos communicate with motor controller and battery management system entirely over CAN Bus network
  • Real-time data is read by the Arduinos and sent to a steering wheel display

High Voltage System Details

  • Emrax 207 Medium Voltage motor powers the drivetrain
  • Rinehart PM100DX Motor Controller controls the Emrax motor
  • Orion Battery Management System tracks cells
  • Single accumulator container holds all batteries and most high-voltage components
  • 4 team-packaged accumulator segments hold 82 LiFePo4 cells in series


HyTech Racing at Formula Hybrid 2015

Vehicle Overview

CAD Design

Electrical Overview


HyTech Racing's 2013 team is archived at this link.